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 If you still need assistance please contact Ross Duncan at 501.339.5739 or

 Information For Commuters:

UCA and the UCA Soccer Academy would like to welcome commuters to all academy camps. Commuters will participate in all activities in camp, beginning with registration. A commuters' day will begin at 8:30 AM and end at approximately 9:30 PM. The commuter tuition for the Senior, Junior and GK Academy camps includes seven meals (dinner Sunday through Wednesday and lunch Monday through Wednesday). The commuter tuition for the Elite Camp includes three meals (dinner on Friday and Saturday and Lunch on Saturday only).

 Outstanding Facilities:

The UCA Soccer Academy facilities are the same as those used by the division 1 athletes at UCA. We have three full size soccer fields, a 60 x 60 indoor turf facility, tennis courts and other facilities to ensure a week of enjoyment. Campers will be housed in air-conditioned residence halls and enjoy all-you-can-eat meals.

 Who Will Be Working The Camps?

The UCA men’s soccer staff will be training and overseeing the entire camp and curriculum. In addition to the UCA staff, we will always bring in local area coaches, current and past UCA players, as well as full-time coaches from other college programs around the country. All staff will be cleared through an extensive screening process and background check.

 Medical Information:

At registration campers with pertinent medical conditions will have the opportunity to notify the medical trainers and staff. It is important to let us know of any medications that need to be administered in a timely manner during camp. Campers with asthma need to be sure to bring their inhalers with them each day.

 The Following Rules / Regulations Will Be Strictly Enforced By Camp Staff:

  • Gambling, liquor, smoking, fireworks, and any sort of weapons will not be permitted. Any camper found in violation will be dropped immediately from the program and sent home. Parents will be notified immediately of the reason for expulsion.
  • Everyone must attend scheduled meetings / training and all meals.
  • Willful destruction of property will cause the immediate expulsion of the guilty camper and the camper will be responsible for any cost associated with the damaged property.
  • In case of injury or illness, all problems should be reported immediately to a staff member in order to ensure that proper attention may be applied to the problem.
  • We suggest you leave extra money and valuables at registration with our staff. You can obtain them at specified times. Bring your own change!
  • Anyone not in their room at bed check or found outside by security will be sent home.
  • Any camper driving to camp must give keys to the director for the duration of camp and purchase a parking pass at registration.
  • Any special medical needs, medications, or dietary needs must be made known to us as soon as possible.
  • Please no computers / laptops.

 What Do I Bring To The Overnight Camp?

Bed linens, blanket and pillow, towels, toiletries, soccer ball, shin guards, soccer shorts, t-shirts, socks, soccer shoes, shoes that can be worn indoors, water bottle, sun block, gym bag, spending money and a lot of enthusiasm. (Commuters should bring everything minus the dorm supplies).

 When Are Arrivals & Departures?

All Residential Camps & Elite Camps: Check-in will be from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM at the selected hall. Check-out will be at 12:00 PM the last day of camp, following closing ceremonies. All commuters should check in at 3:45 PM at the selected hall.  More detailed information regarding check-in / check-out will be e-mailed upon completion of your online registration.

All Senior, Junior & GK Academy Tuition (Overnight) Includes:  Four nights lodging, 11 meals (Sunday dinner through Thursday breakfast), t-shirt, instruction and secondary insurance" to " Three nights lodging, 9 meals (Sunday dinner through Wednesday lunch), t-shirt, instruction and secondary insurance.

 Will There Be 24-Hour Supervision?

Adult staff members will live in the residence halls with the campers, providing 24-hour supervision. A fully qualified athletic trainer will be on-duty 24-hours a day and will attend all sessions. In addition, UCA provides residence halls and campus security.

 How Many Campers Can Share A Room?

As per UCA fire code only two campers per room during sleeping hours. Campers are allowed to hang out during down time with their friends in multiple rooms with multiple campers.

 Is There Swimming At Camp?

Yes, we have access to the UCA Swimming Pool.  If you are a residential camper, please pack a swimsuit and a towel. If you are a commuter, please bring a swimsuit and a towel with you each day.


 Can I Get A Discount On My Registration?

Yes, if you register on or before April 1st you will receive a discounted rate. As per NCAA rules we are not allowed to discount registration for campers with economic needs and no scholarships are available. The NCAA stipulates that the camp or clinic is open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender).

 Cancellation Fee

We understand that there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances that will not allow your son to come to the camp after you've registered.  Assuming there is a genuine reason not to be able to make it, we are happy to provide a refund.  That being said, there are expenses we incur for each registration to set up camp and we need to make sure we are not losing money on the transaction.  A 10% fee for any refund will be held to cover those costs.  Thank you for your understanding.